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Design Associates

JDA is an Interior Design firm founded in 2013.  We work with clients, high end brands & companies to develop sought-after aesthetically driven and functional spaces.  By listening to our client’s needs & working hand in hand to exceed the desired results, we have developed long standing relationships with repeat clients, operators, builders, developers & consultants.  By blending our years of experience with our creativity and focus, we craft interior spaces that are environmentally sound, functional & thoughtful, and that evoke the essence of drama and luxury. 

Our Design Process

Our passion for our work translates to spaces that are experienced rather than just viewed. An accumulation of small and unexpected details craft spaces that exceed all pre-conceived notions of even the most discerning clientele.  At the same time, these spaces offer clients, visitors & guests the chance to relax and unwind, while radiating luxury and refinement. Our style can vary widely, ranging from casual and rustic to sleek urbane refinement, shaping interiors that manage to simultaneously feel “now” and “timeless”.  We pride ourselves on taking the necessary steps to bring a project to completion on time and within budget.


Founding Principal 

Jeremy has been passionate about design since childhood, later enrolling in the Interior Design program at Virginia Tech where he won his first award and took a job as a teaching assistant.  Upon graduation, he began working at the world’s largest Luxury Hotel Interior Design firm.  It was there that he fell in love with Hospitality Design and its blend of all the best aspects of residential, corporate and commercial project work.


For 16 years Jeremy worked for a number of design firms, managing and designing luxury Hospitality projects around the world, working in Residential & Multifamily, and gaining experience in Corporate Office.  He has served as an advisor to students at Savannah College of Art and Design, his projects have won numerous awards, and he is a recipient of a People’s Choice award.


Jeremy created JDA in 2013, providing an outlet to his passion, energy, and focus in developing award-winning and successful design projects.  He’s most often found at the office listening to music and working on our latest projects. Otherwise, he’s an extensive world traveler, has lived overseas, is an avid skier conquering back-country slopes in Japan, Canada, France, Italy and more, enjoys photography, cooking and entertaining, and spending time with his family & friends as much as possible. 

Meet our Team

With diverse backgrounds and expertise, we work together to deliver outstanding results for our clients. Allow us to introduce our remarkable team:

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